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As a freelance woodwind performer I've played in jazz, rock, funk, soul, and R&B ensembles, big bands, and theatre orchestras. I play all of the saxophones, clarinets, flutes, oboe, english horn, and wind synthesizer.  Variety is the spice of life! Here are some recordings that were made using a mix of these instruments.



1976 Selmer Mark VI Soprano Sax

1979 Selmer Mark VII Alto Sax

1969 Selmer Mark VI Tenor Sax

2013 Barone Baritone Sax (low A)


2004 Yamaha Model 81 Piccolo

2010 Powell Sonare 705 C Flute

2012 Gemeinhardt Alto Flute

1996 Emerson Bass Flute


2014 Buffet Eb Clarinet

1979 Buffet R13 Bb Clarinet

1968 LeBlanc Model 400 Bass Clarinet


1975 Fox Model 400 Oboe

1959 Cabart English Horn

Yahama WX-5 Wind Synthesizer

Akai Electronic Wind Instrument


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